A Sneak Peek at Bridges’ Product Roadmap

In our last post announcing the launch of the new Bridges Exchange, we concluded with a line that might have seemed cliche: With today’s launch of the Bridges Exchange, our story isn’t ending; we’re just getting started.

It is, in fact, true… and our product roadmap includes small features, big functionality, and entirely new product sets that will make their way into the production app over the next several months and quarters.

More tokens along with direct staking

Where do we begin? For one, the new Bridges Exchange was never just meant to buy and sell our native Bridge$ token. Already, we’ve added more than 15 popular tokens. More are listed every week, and we’re well on track to list all of the qualifying CMC top 100 in addition to other interesting projects. Next, we’ll enable direct staking of Bridge$ with enhanced dividends for holders who choose to lock some, or all, of their holdings.

Community-driven project vetting

For a project to be listed on the Bridges Exchange, we developed and published robust vetting criteria with the goal of minimizing the risk to holders due to common developer scams. We’ve received interest from some members of our community that they’d like to be involved in vetting projects that apply to be listed. And so… you will. Although we still need to hammer out the specifics, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be defining a new set of procedures for community-driven project vetting. Specifically, these procedures will include a new process for nominating projects as well as functionality for the community to review and vote for which tokens to list.

Growing the aggregator

We’ve mentioned before our intention of making Bridges a hybrid exchange-aggregator. While talking to existing projects, we’ve learned that using the aggregator feature is their preferred option, or even their only option, due to their liquidity being locked elsewhere. While the exchange won’t go away, we’re beginning work to massively expand the aggregator from a nice feature on the side into a core functionality of Bridges Exchange.

Multi-chain expansion

Earlier, we wrote that we’re on track to list all of the qualifying CMC top 100. Right now (among other things), that means a token has to be listed on BNB Chain with a liquidity pool that is accessible for Bridges Exchange. However, the launch of the expanded Bridges aggregator functionality isn’t just about reaching liquidity in more DEXs — it’s also about launching on other blockchains. With access to most major DEXs on multiple blockchains, Bridges Exchange can deliver you the best swap possible with a high degree of market access. This expansion of Bridges’ reach and functionalities is already being researched and developed.

Many more exciting enhancements are also in the works that simply couldn’t fit into a ~1 page blog post. We end, therefore, close to where we began: we’re just getting started. The recent (and ongoing) struggles in the crypto markets are a challenge for all stakeholders; they are also an opportunity. Since the beginning of the Bridges project, we’ve made clear our belief that DeFi has failed to live up to its promise and is, therefore, ripe for disruption. The events since early May bear witness to the fact that DeFi has yet to live up to its fullest potential — it’s why we started this, and we’re not taking our eye off the ball.

Full speed ahead.



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