Bridges Exchange: Coming Soon

Bridges Exchange: Coming Soon

Swap with simplicity: Bridges Exchange handles it for you

Central to any decentralized exchange is the swap functionality. Bridges will be using Binance Coin (BNB) as the base for the exchange liquidity pools and swaps. With Bridges, you’ll be able to swap between any two tokens, stablecoins, and coins listed in our platform.

Safe tokens and innovative projects approved by Bridges

Bridges checks each token to ensure that it is safe for holders and that it’s not a pure copycat of another project. This means you can focus on the merit and goals of the project idea instead of having to spend your time deciding whether or not the project is a scam.

Anti-bot measures for a more secure launch

Don’t you hate it when sniper bots jump in before launch and make a profit off of your launch-day purchase? These bots have also been known to destroy projects before they even have a chance to grow. Our engineers did some clever tricks in the code to reduce the chances that these bots would be able to affect tokens at launch.

Know what you’re swapping before you swap

You have the right to see exactly what it is you’re swapping for before you hit that swap button. With Bridges, you’ll be able to see token information directly on the swap page when you enter the token you want to receive from your swap.

Deposit liquidity and earn 0.2%

If you’re a liquidity provider, then you’ll want to move your liquidity to Bridges Exchange where we offer 0.2% rewards on liquidity deposits. This reward is about 17% higher than most other decentralized exchanges on BNB Chain. Note that Bridges doesn’t take any share from this reward.

Farm and earn Bridge$

Earning that 0.2% isn’t enough for you? Looking for a way to earn more Bridge$ tokens? Start farming on Bridges Exchange. If you’ve provided liquidity for a trading pair, you can farm that liquidity to earn Bridge$ rewards from farming on top of the 0.2% liquidity fee benefits.

HODL Bridge$ and earn 3% dividends on exchange volume

Last, but not least, our exchange is the exchange that pays you. As long as you hold at least 100 Bridge$ tokens, you’ll receive dividends from 3% of the exchange volume weighted according to how many tokens you hold. This adds an additional layer of compound interest for liquidity providers, a return for Bridge$ holders while they dip their toes into other projects listed on our platform, and lastly an opportunity for the projects themselves to help support their own project.



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