Bridges July Recap

It’s been a little over a month since we launched Bridges Exchange (24 June 2022 to be exact). We’ve achieved a lot and still have so much more that we’re looking forward to. Today, we’re bringing you a recap of the last month’s progress.

The launch of Bridges Exchange

The most important milestone in our project up to this point has been launching Bridges Exchange. Already at launch, it was possible to swap tokens, deposit liquidity, farm LP tokens, lock LP tokens, and view exchange data on the Analytics page.

Like any exchange, a major focus of ours has been listing tokens. We currently have two listing tracks: Bridges Certified and Bridges Approved. Bridges Certified projects are those that have applied and been approved through the vetting process carried out by the Bridges Team. We additionally have listed Bridges Approved projects in the CoinMarketCap top 100 (as well as a few extra listings from the top 200) that meet our criteria.

As of publishing, you can trade 7 Bridges Certified tokens (including Bridge$) and 32 Bridges Approved tokens on Bridges Exchange. Don’t forget, we aren’t done yet and have more tokens that are in the vetting process.

Direct staking

A few days ago, we also launched direct staking of Bridge$ tokens that rewards a dividends boost. Already, over 27.2 million Bridge$ have been staked representing more than a quarter of the total supply.

If you didn’t stake your tokens yet, be sure to read up on the Bridge$ staking guide for the full details.

Bridges Knowledgebase

One part of our overall mission is to bring more people to DeFi safely. To that end, we’ve created the Bridges Knowledgebase in order to provide resources and guides for the crypto-curious and new investors. We plan to continue growing this content over time and provide even more educational information for investors of all levels.

Women in DeFi Podcast

Also on the content front, we’ve launched the Women in DeFi podcast to reach more women who are in the space and who are curious about the space. We know that women are an underrepresented group in DeFi and investing overall. Tapping into this group of investors will allow us to position ourselves in front of a group of new investors, and we have the benefit of understanding their investment needs in ways that all-male teams are not able to.

If you didn’t already review the podcast, be sure to do so on Apple Podcasts (if you don’t have iOS, you can also do this on the Apple Podcasts website) and enter for your chance to win one of our giveaway prizes that will be given to three of the first 100 five-star reviewers on Apple Podcasts:

  • A 15-minute chat with Breanne
  • A 15-minute chat with Luna
  • 250 Bridge$ tokens

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a five-star review on Apple Podcasts (if you don’t have iOS, you can review the podcast in your browser on the iTunes website).
  2. Take a screenshot of your review.
  3. Send your review screenshot and Discord username to
  4. After that, join the Bridges Discord ( so that we can give you a limited edition Discord role for being an early supporter of the podcast.

Reviewing the podcast really is important, as it helps us rank higher in the Podcast algorithms and reach new listeners.

An update to our roadmap

In case you missed it, we also made an exciting update to our roadmap in the past month (see the announcement here). TLDR:

  • Direct staking: See above ✅
  • Community-based project vetting platform: A whole new category of project listings based on community nominations and reviews (AKA, we don’t have to wait for projects to come to us anymore) in addition to Bridges Certification
  • Multichain aggregator: A full-fledged aggregator to cover most DEXs and find you the best swap—starting with BNB Chain and expanding from there!

It doesn’t feel like that much time has passed since we launched Bridges Exchange, but we sure did get a lot done in about a month!

Now we’re asking you to join us for an important conversation with Danny about the future of the project on 2 August on Discord. Don’t miss it!



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