Bridges Partners with CURE Pay

2 min readAug 24, 2022

As we’ve said in many AMAs, DeFi is not a competition between projects. It takes all of us working together to build the space that will allow for every responsible project to flourish. As an exchange, that is even more true for us. When other token projects do well, so do we. Today’s announcement is exactly the kind of partnership that you’d expect from that line of thinking.

Bridges is pleased to announce that we are now partnering with the team behind CURE Token to bring CURE Pay straight to Bridges Exchange.

How does it work?

Simply head to the swap page on Bridges Exchange and connect your wallet. Every token that is available to purchase with CURE Pay will have an orange Buy with Fiat button.

Clicking on that button will take you straight to the CURE Pay app for that specific token. You can then purchase your tokens with card or even Apple Pay. Yes, it’s really that easy.

With this new partnership, we can offer a quick on-ramp directly to select tokens on Bridges Exchange. As CURE Pay grows their offering, you’ll see that buy button appear on even more tokens.

About CURE Pay

CURE Pay is an on-ramp that allows projects to easily accept traditional payment methods. Unlike other on-ramps, CURE Pay transacts directly from traditional payment methods to token projects. These transactions support CURE Token.

CURE is dedicated to using the power of decentralized finance to help rid the planet of dreadful diseases like cancer. Partnering with global research teams and drawing from a wealth of experience in the innovation, technological, and charitable sectors, CURE aims to go one step further than simply becoming the world’s most successful charity token. Learn more at




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