Guardian Audits Partners with Bridges

Guardian Audits is thrilled to bring relentless security to the Bridges ecosystem with a performance-driven auditing process.

Too often, smart contract audits serve as simply a “green checkmark”, giving a false sense of security to both project builders and token holders. In just the past few months alone, audited projects have been exploited for hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. Many of these exploits should have, and very easily could have been caught in an audit that truly championed security.

Guardian solves this by restructuring the audit payment structure to properly incentivize impeccable security. Rather than collecting a lump sum to begin the audit (and incentivizing as little time spent as possible), Guardian earns payment for each veritable vulnerability that is uncovered. With each audit, Guardian is truly incentivized to resolve every single vulnerability, resulting in absolute security.

With a new performance-based audit system, Guardian ensures a safe experience for Bridges users, free from both external and internal exploits with any token listed on the Bridges exchange.

Through the effort of Bridges and Guardian, web3 will be vastly safer, simpler, and more enjoyable for the everyday user.

About Bridges

Bridges is the world’s first anti-scam dividend-paying semi-decentralized exchange. Founded in 2021, the company empowers token holders and project developers with a suite of solutions and blockchain opportunities that have innovation, safety, equity, and philanthropy at their core. The entire Bridges ecosystem consists of a dividend-paying token (Bridge$), exchange, knowledge base, and user app. For more information, visit



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