Introducing the Bridges Project Referral Program

Bridges is more than a company or just an exchange — it’s a movement motivated by the need to clean up the many things that keep the reality of DeFi separated from its promise.

Rug pulls, pump-and-dumps, and theft…. DeFi will never achieve its goal of democratizing finance if participants continue to face the growing onslaught of scams that leave honest investors and hardworking developers in their wake.

This movement is also a community.

A community that consists of more than 1,700 holders and 25 full- and part-time team members working ‘round the clock to bring the world’s first anti-scam, dividend-paying, decentralized hybrid DEX-aggregator to market.

Beginning today, you can also get paid for referring projects to our community.

That’s right, another one. A second referral program on top of the referral program for holders that we’ve already announced.

Here’s the skinny on the new one:

  • Innovative, above-board projects and project developers will be the lifeblood of the Bridges Exchange, and although we’re vetting many of these projects for inclusion, we don’t know what we don’t know. We need your help in discovering potential new projects.
  • Encourage your acquaintances to submit their project for review/inclusion. The application will ask how they learned about Bridges, so be sure they mention you!
  • If any of the projects you refer go on to be listed on Bridges Exchange, you receive a portion of the dividends generated by that project for our dev wallet. More specifically, you’ll receive 5% of the dividends generated for the dev wallet by that project for the first 3 months.

Tell your friends about Bridges.

Know about a project that might be a good fit for the Bridges Exchange? Share the sample copy below to help explain why listing with Bridges is a good idea.

Hi {Name},

Bridges ( is an anti-scam, dividend-paying, decentralized exchange that is working to clean up DeFi by promoting safety, equity, and project innovation.

You can read about the benefits of listing your project, as well as listing criteria, at ​​

I think your project would be a good fit for Bridges, and it can be included even if it’s liquidity is locked elsewhere. Take a look, and you can apply using this link: The application will ask how you heard about Bridges. Mention me? :)


{Your Name}



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