Introducing the New Bridges Referral Program for Holders

Are you a holder of the Bridge$ token? If so, you’re in good company, as more than 1,700 individuals around the world have joined us on a mission to make the future of finance work for everyone.

As we inch closer to the June 24th launch of the new Bridges Exchange, we’re excited to announce our referral program for current (and future) holders of Bridge$.

(Hint: That’s probably you… so read on.)

Here at Bridges, we’re trying to minimize the types of scams that have left honest investors penniless — the rug pulls, the pump-and-pumps, and the honeypots and more. But making the leap from “goal” to “achievement” is a lot of hard work. Most importantly, it requires broader awareness of what we’re doing and attracting more people to our movement.

How the Bridge$ Holder Referral Program works.

If you’re at all familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s a bit like that.

Starting at the exchange launch, you’ll be able to create a referral link that is unique to you directly in the Bridges dashboard.

Next, share your link with others in your community — whether it’s friends and family (or through email and social media), sharing your link is how you can invite others to trade on the platform, and it’s the key to unlocking the rewards described below. Whoever accesses the Bridges Exchange through your personal referral link will be asked to record you as their referrer through a quick confirmation in their wallet when they arrive on the DEX.

So how do you actually earn rewards?

You’ll earn Bridges out of the transactions of the holders you refer, the amount of which will be tied to the dividends generated by their transactions. All of the rewards from the referral program are paid out from a reward pool funded by Bridges. The reward tokens are not charged on your referees’ transactions.

It’s all about the multipliers and vertical layers (and there are no horizontal limits — invite as many folks as you want):

  • Layer 1: 40x multiplier
  • Layer 2: 20x multiplier
  • Layer 3: 10X multiplier

For example, if your Layer 1 generates 1 BNB, you’ll get 40 Bridge$. That’s because (in Layer 1) referral dividends are paid in Bridge$ at a 40x multiplier with respect to the dividends generated.

If it’s coming from Layer 2, you’ll receive 20 Bridge$.

Be ready on launch day to grab your personal referral link, and invite all of your friends. And stay tuned, we’ve got yet another type of referral program we’ll be announcing shortly for projects.



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