Live from New York City: It’s Bridges Exchange

Today, we mark a new milestone in our mission to make the future of finance work for everyone; today, we launched our semi-decentralized exchange.

The journey leading to today began more than a year ago, having started with just an email and, later, a video call brainstorming session to discuss what this could be, what it could look like, and how the hell we’d pull it off.

We say “it” because, at that time, we didn’t even have a name. In the time that’s passed, though, we’ve achieved a number of feats — in November of 2021, we launched the Bridge$ token. Shortly after, we began rapidly expanding our team, filling critical roles in marketing, engineering, and other functions (and yes, we’re hiring).

Our longstanding goal, however, was to launch our own semi-decentralized exchange — an exchange built from the ground-up to promote:

  • Safety: For holders, especially those who are new to decentralized finance
  • Equity: For holders and project developers alike
  • Philanthropy: To do well by doing good
  • Innovation: To shine a light on projects bringing new ideas to the space

On that last note, it’s worth noting just a few of the innovations that make the Bridges Exchange unique:

  • Dividends: Bridges is the first dividend-paying decentralized exchange, the amount of which is based on the number of Bridge$ tokens you hold as well as the daily volume of the exchange itself. Play with our Dividend Calculator and crunch the numbers for a little bit.
  • Project Vetting: There are a lot of scams in DeFi, and while we can’t eliminate the risk entirely, we can place greater scrutiny on the projects that are listed on our exchange. We can… and so we are. Projects listed on the Bridges Exchange undergo a multi-step review process that you can read more about on our website. Development teams can also submit their project(s) for listing here.
  • Aggregation: During the development of the Exchange, we realized we faced a chicken-and-egg problem. As a new exchange, we realized that it would take some time for liquidity providers to migrate to Bridges Exchange (primarily due to locked liquidity). However, this would limit the projects that could list with us — even if the developers of those projects wished to do so. As a result, with the new Bridges Exchange, if you want to swap a token, we’ll first check to see if we have liquidity for that token. But if we don’t, then the swap will execute using the liquidity in another exchange.

In the world of DeFi, just about anyone can create their own token. But few have the resources, knowledge, and wherewithal to create an entirely new exchange — and still fewer can create one that’s materially different from (ahem, better than) the dozens of alternatives.

With today’s launch of the Bridges Exchange, our story isn’t ending; we’re just getting started. On behalf of all the individuals around the world who continue to work on the Bridges project (as well as the thousands of Bridge$ holders supporting us), welcome to the world’s first anti-scam, dividend-paying, hybrid DEX-aggregator.

Learn more at Bridges.Exchange and start trading today.



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