The Biggest Surprise of Bridges Exchange

How does the exchange-aggregator hybrid work?

When you want to swap a token, the exchange’s smart contract checks to see if there is liquidity for that token deposited in the exchange. If there is, you can swap. If there isn’t then you can’t. On the other hand, an aggregator doesn’t have any liquidity and instead uses the liquidity deposited in other exchanges.


Bridges Exchange will be a first of its kind in DeFi. The hybrid solution allows us to tap into a lot of liquidity with minimal effort. With this, we are paving the path for a new way forward that no other decentralized exchange is doing.

Launch plans

Given that we have an exchange-aggregator hybrid in place, we are able to approve and list new tokens, existing tokens that are growing, established tokens, stablecoins, and pegged coins. On the day that Bridges Exchange launches, we’ll be putting live pegged coins, stablecoins, and tokens from the CoinMarketCap Top 100. We’ll also put live Bridges-approved projects that have applied to be on the exchange.



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