The On-Ramp We’ve All Been Waiting For

2 min readAug 23, 2022


If you’ve been around since the beginning, you probably read our whitepaper and liked the part about offering end-to-end DeFi in one app. (Yes, we still have the mobile app in our long-term roadmap.) Some in our community have been asking “Wen ramp?” for a while now, but now we can tell you that the answer is “Today.”

Bridges recently passed Ramp’s due diligence process and finalized a partnership with Ramp to bring an on-ramp to Bridges Exchange. Ramp offers their services in over 160 countries with multiple fiat-to-crypto payment methods:

  • Card (debit or credit)
  • Easy bank transfers
  • Manual bank transfers
  • Apple Pay

With Ramp, you can purchase BNB and BUSD to start swapping on Bridges Exchange quickly and easily. They also support the purchase of several other coins and tokens that we can add as soon as Bridges Exchange goes multi-chain (and that is in our short-term roadmap).

Ready to try it out? Head over to the swap page of Bridges Exchange, connect your wallet, and click Buy with Fiat in the BNB info card.

About Ramp

Ramp is an easy way to let users buy crypto directly from any dApp. It is an entirely new type of on-ramp: aggregating various sources of liquidity and payment methods to give users the on-ramping process they deserve.




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