Bridges August Recap

4 min readSep 1, 2022

August was a big month for Bridges. We kicked off the month with a major community vote and closed out the month by announcing two major partnerships. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump straight in.

Community votes

At the beginning of the month, we held a set of community votes. First, the community voted to lower the exchange fees from 3% to 0.1%. This will allow us to be much more competitive with other exchanges now and other aggregators later when we launch the full multichain aggregator. Alongside the changes in the exchange fees, the community voted to reinstate the 3% dividends distributed to holders on Bridge$ token transactions. That brings the total transaction fee to 5% (2% liquidity feeding and 3% dividends).

Next, the community voted to add an additional logic for token holders wherein anyone with at least 2,500 Bridge$ tokens will receive a 10% trading fee discount, and anyone who has staked at least 2,500 Bridge$ tokens will receive a 20% trading fee discount.

Finally, it was decided by the community to lower the charity wallet to 500,000 Bridge$ tokens and redistribute the remaining 7 million tokens. Of that, 1.5 million tokens were added to the staking contract, 2 million tokens were added to the farm contract, and 3.5 million were excluded from dividends and set aside for other initiatives in the future. The donation frequency was also lowered from monthly to once every 4 months (3 donations a year).

Charity vote

Speaking of the charity wallet, we also had a vote on where to donate this month. This time the theme was cancer research and prevention. From among the candidates, the community voted to give our charity wallet dividends to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Around the crypto community

In the broader crypto community, we had two articles published on Benzinga. The first article was actually published at the end of July after our monthly recap. You can read that article here. We published a second article the following week titled Turning Lemons To Lemonade During The “Crypto Winter”.

We also caught up with other projects in the BNB Chain space for some AMAs. The first was an AMA with Poodl. In case you missed it, you can catch up on it here. We also join Shield’s Anti-scam AMA alongside SEEK and EQLM. Tune in to that one here.

If you enjoy audio, don’t forget to listen and subscribe to our Women in DeFi podcast. This month we had two new episodes drop: Redefining How Things Get Done with Danielle Kayembe and Delivering Financial Opportunities in WEB3 with The Fund Part 1. Part 2 of the most recent episode will be available on 6 September. Subscribe, so you don’t miss it!

Nomics listing

We’re still working on listing Bridges Exchange on additional platforms, and this month we were listed on Nomics. Nomics is the first of the three big listing platforms that we have our sights set on, the other two being CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

New token listings

In the past month, we also had four new Bridges Certified tokens listed on the exchange:

  • Waifer (WAIF): The Waifer protocol is the world’s first community-driven DeFi token backed by its own social media platform.
  • Son of Doge (SOD): The Son Of Doge is an innovative project which brings ‘meme’ and ‘utility’ together creating earth-shattering results.
  • Plush STP (STP): Plush is the second part of the AstroDonkey Ecosystem.
  • LakeView Meta (LVM): LakeView Meta is an open-world metaverse, available on PC and Android, that combines multichain capability with P2E, C2E, NFTs, and more.

All of these tokens are available to swap on Bridges Exchange now!


To close out the month — and this recap — we brought you not one, but two fiat-to-crypto on-ramps!

We successfully passed Ramp’s due diligence process and were able to integrate their on-ramp into Bridges Exchange. Now you can buy both BNB and BUSD directly with fiat, bringing us one step closer to being able to provide end-to-end access to DeFi on Bridges Exchange.

For those who want to purchase tokens directly with fiat, we also partnered with CURE to implement a CURE Pay integration in the exchange. You’ll now be able to access CURE Pay directly for any Bridges Certified token with CURE Pay enabled. Five Bridges Certified tokens already offer this feature.

Read more about the Ramp partnership and the CURE Pay partnership in our previous posts on this blog.

What an exciting month! To keep up with the latest Bridges news, be sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. See you around.




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